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What people are saying about Mopar VIN Decoder for iPhone®

"Great product and how it even knew the right vin for a car that was one of a kind from the factory!"

"I downloaded it and tried it out on a couple cars today. Worked great!"

"Great! This is awesome and just what I was looking for!! I bought it and it works great."

"A MoPar must have. What a great tool this is. So what is it Satellite or Roadrunner? 440 or 383? I can see this getting used a lot at the shows and will save a purchasing mistake or help you nail a bargin."

"Thats the coolest app ever, just bought it. Well worth the change! Thanks"

"Very nice app"

"Sounds like a cool idea actually. The portability function mostly. I would think it would come in handy for a person that was interested in buying a car, you could decode right on the spot."

"That's a neat little app, I've gotta get myself one of those iphones."



Mopar VIN Decoder for iPhone will decode most US built Chrysler car Vehicle Identification Numbers between 1960 to 1965 and Dodge and Plymouth cars from 1966 to 1974.

Easy to use picker interfaces allows you to enter either 10 or 13 digit Mopar VINs from a selection of legitimate numbers and letters. This helps to prevent incorrect digits from being entered.

Unlike other Mopar VIN decoders that have been available so far, this decoder not only decodes the price class of the vehicle but also matches the price class to the make and calculates the individual model or models that the car was manufactured as.

Mopar VIN Decoder will decode the following:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Price class
  • Engine type
  • Year of manufacture
  • Place of manufacture
  • Vehicle build sequence number

Decoded VINs can be saved to your iPhone using the pre-populated name, or any user friendly name you wish to identify the saved VIN by for future reference.

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